Costa express frustration in the way he is treated at Chelsea.


Diego Costa have not had it funny ever since he was told to leave the club by Conte and he feels the treatment he is getting from the team is bad.

The Spainard who was instrumental for the blues last season helping them win the Premier league had a fallout with Conte during January transfer in a bid to join a Chinese club and the idea didn’t go down well with Conte.

And after the season was wrapped up, Conte had to dismiss Chelsea’s highest goal scorer with a text which made the headlines for a couple of weeks.

But with no offers on ground for Costa, he has been in wonder land with no idea of where he would ply his trade this season and has accused the Premier League champions of treating him as if he were a “criminal”.

“I wouldn’t be allowed access to the first-team dressing room and I would have no contact at all with the guys,” he explained. “I’m not a criminal! I don’t think it is fair after all I have done to be treated like that, he said.