Children day Special : Career choice by Parents, good or bad


Today we would talk about the common childhood dilemma faced by most people while they were young, though it has reduced to it’s bearest minimum these days

Back in the day, parents thought they know the best thing for their children and would choose for them the career to pursue irrespective of the interest of the child on the chosen or forced on career

Mostly, the careers chosen by parents are Doctor, Lawyer,Engineer or simply put, Medicine, Law and Engineering while others might be Pilot and so on

But in most cases, these children don’t function well in school cause of the line of courses/department they find thierselves in, due to pressure put by parents

These days, parents are wiser and have allowed thier wards choose a career of their choice to follow and it has been productive so far as we can see lots of musicians, footballers,actors,radio presenters and so on

In the long run, career choice by parents affect the children cause they would end up getting jobs they have no interest in, and lose of interest in sensitive jobs like Medicine, Surgery, Law might in one way or the other be detrimental to the people in different circumstances