Worry gives you the impression of brooding over problems but never hatching any solution. It is systematic and loopsided because you never have any handle to hold unto. It is a negative virtue many a person subscribe to whenever they are accosted by a challenge, and often it leads to depression; seeing the effort put into it tantamount to a wasted time.

    What then is worry? Worry is the state of agitation or affliction that disturbs the peace and tranquility of the mind creating concern about something so treasured. Most time worry could have been averted if we had carved out time to plan things and not rush blindly on every turn of events. Some people mostly worry about love one’s, broken relationships, work, marriage, religious believes, hardship and poverty. Most of which can be resolved by employing better strategies, sometimes even confiding in friends who have been through such experience before, but choose not to, they rather buy into worry. There is this misconstruction of taking worry to mean creative thinking and this is mostly among the elderly, this have transmuted into ailment such as high blood pressure and its cohort.

    Albeit, worry drains you emotionally and stalk you there but never really help you; it keeps you occupy dening you the right to plan and think through whatever challenge you seem to face. Where critical thought and clear roadmap backed with prayer is neglected before any event is staged, then worry is inevitable. It’s therefore high time we made judicious use of our time, relegate worry from our lifes, living a joyous and ebullient life to our best possible.