Banana As your friend


Bananas are humble fruits with so many functions. It burns fat, it Is also an anti aging medicine/teeth whitener. you may not like it,but if you have a beer belle/ rough face, banana should be your friend.
• Bananas helps in digestion;next time your digestive systems acts up,call banana.
• when next you’re depressed, reach out for Banana,its has high level of tryptophan and folate. Some sad days ,I grab Bananas and I’ve observed how it helps to improve my mood.
•Bananas helps you to sleep better.

Bananas also have benefit for the skin, revitalizing dry skin as well as smoothening aging and rough skin,acne prone oily skin. You can use it for oil control to reduce further break out. It helps to moisturize the skin ,making it soft.people whose skin is peeling and dry should apply Banana face mask .
Bananas helps to manage oily greasy skin; it is a great exfoliator which helps to remove excess sebum on the skin. It also lighten dark spots such as acne, scars,tiny moles and skin discoloration.

Mashed ripe banana
1 tablespoon of pure honey
Less than 1 table spoon of lime.
Twice a week of this mask serves as anti aging,fighting wrinkles, reducing inflammation and destroying bacteria.

Banana peels are also very useful… This may sound weird but it is true.

Do you know that if you rub Banana peel everyday for 8days on your teeth for one minute, its serves as teeth whitener?

Banana peels when rubbed on the face can also cure pimples.

They are also used as pain relievers when applied to the spot where the pain is felt.

They are used as polish, as it makes the leather shines.

Even though Banana peels doesn’t like sun or refrigerator,it can be kept in a dry place.