AY live show and all the celebrities that came prepared


Popular comedian, Master of Ceremony and business man ‘Ayo Makun’ this year again held his comedy show on Sunday, April 1st. Ayo makun who can also be called Jack of all trades and master of all clearly proved to us that he has what it takes to put together such an amazing show year in year out.

Ayo makun is well known for his live shows and has already made himself a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. Unarguably ‘AY’ as he is fondly called is a master planner and an all round entertainer.

This comedy show was held at Eko Hirel and suits and this year took a completely different route by displaying a short film likened to the movie ‘ Black Panther’ just at the beginning of the show. It’s no surprising because this USC what the AY brand is all about


Celebrities turned up in large numbers for this show and you bet that they really had a nice time. They did not only attend but came prepared for the show looking all ravishing on the red carpet.