Anyone caught stealing pants might be charged for attempted murder,” says Police spokesperson Dolapo Badmos


    The punishment for anyone caught in the act suggested to be for ritual purposes, might soon be elevated to the status of attempted murder.

    Some of the persons that have been seized by rampant street mobs, reportedly confess that they were assigned to the task by persons seeking wealth through dark means. Sometimes internet fraudsters.

    “Henceforth anyone caught stealing pants might not be charged for stealing but attempted murder,” reads an Instagram post shared by police spokesperson Dolapo Badmos.

    In more comments, she laments about the common menace that has suddenly become widespread mostly in south-west Nigeria.

    One of the used underwear theft cases happen in Warri, Delta State.

    A man becomes a public spectacle after he was caught with various underwear belonging to female victims.

    He is seen in a video while a mob punishes him for theft. In the clip, some private items are displayed on the floor. They include bras, a face cap and panties