Be Always Open to Learning


To me the most difficult thing to do from the daily observation of myself and others around is learning. Humans often abhors learning especially when it involves been tutored by a perceived “less worthy person.” Every day of our lives we are always in claim of the know and want to fix ourselves in position to teach others, even at the slightest commitment to a group, we would always want to take the lead as the instructor or teacher.
This is not just in one person, rather its a human nature, craving for recognition, self-worth, adulation and appreciation. More often than not it is this very act that keeps us laps and in bounds from knowing more.
But irrespective of your proficiency, capability or skill, there is someone who is better and of more experienced than you, who has a proven record and pedigree at that you so claim to know. Your proving to be superior is of no good to them neither is it of any good to you. In fact, it is detrimental to your growth.
Sometimes and most times, we are never meant to teach nor lead but to learn, it takes humility and love to stay put to learning without abusing or condescending any opportunity or person to learn from. It is in learning that our growth is scaled and our skill sharpened to glow better.
So the next time you meet someone, don’t be too eager to prove your worth nor show your eruditeness. It is often the empty vessel that makes the loudest noise.
You might be surprised to meet your pride totally flawed and the wings of your ego pruned to humility, pride is indeed a cancer to learning, blindfolding one from seeing his ignorance while elevating arrogance.
Learning never end, no matter the debt of your knowledge, there is always something new to learn, and no man is an island of knowledge. Therefore, we all need each other for an increase in the bank of our knowledge; but until we are humble enough to learn, what we know now will remain the only thing we might hold on to forever in ignorance.