Akwakuma remix with Terry Apala is reward for all of Uc Flames’ hard work


Imo based rapper Uc Flames is getting increasingly popular, thanks to the remix of his song “Akwakuma” which features trap sensation Terry Apala. The song is currently doing well in the Nigerian music space, getting air plays on several radio stations nationwide, topping music charts in Southeast Nigeria and scoring the rapper interviews and media rounds. That is huge.

Before now, Uc Flames was a relatively known rapper in Imo who was only referred to as an upcoming artist and who fought for attention and recognition like every other up comer. But now, all that is changing. “Akwakuma remix” is shooting him into limelight and he definitely seems ready for this new challenge. Something is responsible for this progress obviously and you don’t need to look far before you spot it- hardwork.

Uc Flames has been doing a lot of that since the past three years. When Olamide announced there will be a challenge for his hit single “who you epp”, he jumped on it. After going through the rigorous processes involved in the auditions, he eventually emerged as one of the top 30 contestants, then later in the top 10. There were just two rappers from Southeast who qualified and Flames was one of them. He eventually became the last Igbo rapper but unfortunately did not go on to win the challenge.

Having the will to travel from Owerri to Lagos for a challenge that you’re not sure of does not only show a great love for the art but a strong determination to succeed. Getting into limelight requires tremendous work. An artist who does not work hard almost always doesn’t get results.

Last year Uc Flames was invited to perform at PhynoFest. Getting invited to a concert of that magnitude is no small feat. Many established artists clamor to be on that stage but Uc Flames climbed it and got a feel of fame, got more confidence in himself and that experience is propelling him to success.

“Akwakuma remix” is a product of that success and Terry Apala jumped on it because the song is good. In the end, it all boils down to one thing- hard work. “Akwakuma remix” with Terry Apala is nothing less than a reward for all of his hard work.