Agreed N30,000 minimum wage is not final yet- Lai Mohammed


Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed has said the N30,000 minimum wage agreed between the Labour Unions and a committee set up by the Presidency is not final yet, as President Buhari will have to consider it first and give his final word.

“I think it was a recommendation. Mr. President will consider it and will make his views known in due course,” Mohammed said

This has received mixed feelings among Nigerians. PDP Preidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar has issued out a press statement urging President Buhari not to disappoint Nigerians, and many Nigerians feel the same way.


However, when pressed further for more information, Lai Mohammed said:

“I said a recommendation was submitted. Mr. President will get back to the committee after he has studied the recommendation.”

While receiving the report, Buhari promised to send an executive bill to the National Assembly on the recommendation as soon as possible, for consideration and approval.