Actress Annie says Tuface is the only Man she has ever loved, every other men were just a distraction?


Actress Annie Idibia wife of Tuface Idibia made known to her fans that her husband has ways been her only lover on her instagram page.

On Thursday, July 5, 2018, when she was answering questions from her fans on Instagram, Annie had written on her page that she wasn’t feeling sleepy so she would be answering questions from fans.

A fan asked:
“If had another opportunity to be with another man order than Idibia who would it be,”?
Well, Annie’s answer wasn’t surprising as she told the follower about 2Face’s position in her heart.


Annie’s reply:
“No one…that’s the only man I have loved all my life…everyone was just a distraction,” 

The chat between Annie and her instagram follower

The chat between Annie and her instagram follower

As we all know how lovely the couples are and their love stories, fans have been really feeling good seeing them give us more highlights about romance.