Acharaman is planning to put out new music soon but we think it’s a bad idea


As much as its believed that continously serving new music to fans adds to branding and popularity, we believe doing it at the right time gives way better results.

Yesterday, 13th October, 2018, one of Imo State’s finest musicians Acharaman, gave his fans an exciting news. He’s going to drop a new song and that song would be produced by Ace producer, Regiz. Thats an exciting news. His fans are now warming up to a new song by one of their favourites, and the anticipation is increasing.


But we think it’s a bad idea. Acharaman had just dropped an album, supposedly his first body of work early this year. That body of work “The Ancestors” was left unpromoted.

Now, we’re not saying that it’s wrong to release new music just after dropping an album. As a matter of fact, that approach has been used by many successful musicians and each time, it worked.

Some good examples are Brymo, who dropped an album in March this year and went on to release a new single “Let’s all be great” in August. Simi’s “Simisola” album dropped September last year, but she released a new music “I dun care” just last month. Heck, MI dropped an album early this year and has served us a new album “Yung Denzel”. At the moment all three examples above are kicking ass.


What were saying is, for this approach to work, you have to have a big audience or seriously working towards it. A big audience not only ensures that whatever you put out adds to your popularity but sells also. Fans are always asking for new music, so except you’re in the business of wasting money, your focus should be to get as much fans as possible, as much audience as possible and that can only be done through thorough and calculated promotions on social media, blogs, radio and TV stations, music distribution platforms etc.


Acharaman should have been on a tour to promote his album outside the shores of Imo state and into every single place that music is widely accepted in Nigeria. By promoting his album through the aformentioned platforms and through music tours, he’ll expose himself to the music industry. That will give him the opportunity to meet new people, both artists and strategists who will help propel him. That is how to attain mainstream consciousness.

New music, or perhaps new products are very important and are great ways to gain fan loyalty, but unveiling them at the right time is even more important. This cuts across various sections of business, music inclusive.