A woman found flowers at her husband’s grave – a note inside a bouquet shocked her

Arriving home, she poured herself some wine, hoping to calm herself. She remembered the day her husband died in a car accident. Yes, there was a funeral!

But then she remembered that she had never seen Frank’s body. She could not bear the sight and refused to look. Have they buried an empty coffin in the ground? No, that would be too much. Who did this? And why? After all, they were so happy, what is the point of deceiving if Frank himself arranged it?

When it was time to go to bed, the doorbell rang.

Jen looked out the window: the same Basemore van was parked outside the house.

And the husband stood at the door.

Jen tried to pull herself together and went to the door. Yes, he is, in person. She looked him straight in the eye. And at that moment she noticed something.

No, after all, it was not a husband. He introduced himself: Dan, Frank’s twin brother.

Jen felt sick and almost fell. How alike they are!

She invited him into the house and they sat down on the sofa.

She asked him why they had not met before. And then Dan told Jen about her husband something she never expected!

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“My brother hated me because he believed that my parents died because of me. As a child, I contracted the flu and infected them. That’s why they died. Since then, Frank has never spoken to me.

He continued:

– I asked my wife to put these flowers on his grave because I loved him anyway. And I felt very bad because we did not communicate.

Jen hugged Dan. She promised him to tell him everything she knew about his brother. And then they will support each other.

And so it happened. They became best friends and made it a tradition to dine together every month right in the cemetery.

Source: the Daily Citizen
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