A woman found flowers at her husband’s grave – a note inside a bouquet shocked her

Frank was not particularly fond of discussing his mother, and these flowers represented the bond that existed between them. He used to say that he could only discuss his mother with his wife. Only Jen knew how important these flowers were to him!

Frank’s tombstone could be seen in the distance.

When Jen approached him, she noticed that there were already flowers on the grave.

She was already trembling when she saw what kind of flowers they were.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

They were red and yellow hydrangeas!

Jen, taken aback, sat down next to the grave and began to reflect.
Frank didn’t have his own family.
When he was five years old, his parents died.
Then he shut himself away and refused to let anyone in.
I didn’t want to make any new friends.
Except for his wife, there were only three people at his funeral, and they were all cemetery workers.
So, who could afford to buy him these flowers?

Looking around, Jen noticed something strange …

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A camera was pointed directly at it from the corner of the fence. Maybe she found out who brought the flowers. Jen approached the worker who was raking up the fallen leaves.

She inquired if she could view the surveillance footage from the previous few days.

Someone had left flowers on her husband’s grave, and she was curious as to who it was.

The employee was initially hesitant because outsiders were not permitted to view the videos.

Of course, Jen was dissatisfied with this response.

Fortunately for her, the employee was easily persuaded …

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