9 Signs That You Love Your Partner More Than He Does

7. You are willing to compromise, but they are not.

In a relationship, you don’t always get what you want. You must sometimes make sacrifices or meet someone in the middle. If your partner is unwilling to budge in order for the two of you to collaborate, it may indicate that he does not care enough to make a compromise. If you’re willing to give up your own vision of happiness for the greater good of being together, but your partner isn’t, you’re not on the right track.

8. They are not available when you require them.

It’s a red flag if your partner is constantly flaking on you and not showing up when you need them. Are you willing to give up everything to help your partner? That is what true love is. It’s not great if you need them for comfort, advice, or just a shoulder to cry on and they’re never there or tell you it’s not a big deal. At the end of the day, love is all about showing up for another person.

9. They forget important dates in your life.

You may be more invested in a family engagement, your birthday plans, or celebrating an anniversary with your boyfriend if those dates mean something to you and he doesn’t even remember what day of the month they are. Celebrating significant milestones together can help a couple bond further and strengthen their relationship. A lack of concern for them is a lack of concern — period.


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