9 Signs That You Love Your Partner More Than He Does

4. You are always the one to take the initiative.

If you’re always the one to plan things, from proposals to dates with your partner, it shows that you care more. It takes effort to plan around your hectic schedule, and it should be a two-way street in your relationship. You deserve surprises, dinner dates, and vacations that Bae puts effort into, just like you do.

5. He does not mention you in his future.

When you’re truly in love with someone, you picture them in your future, right? If he doesn’t bring you up in the conversation about his future, it means he doesn’t see you as a part of it. While you may be fantasizing about your future marriage, children, and everything else in the years ahead, his exclusion of you may indicate that you love him more, or, worse, that you are not a major priority in his life.

6. His dreams are always first.

You should both be interested in what the other person is passionate about. You’re definitely putting in more love if you’re always supporting his dreams but he discourages you. Everyone deserves a partner who believes in them — in fact, your boyfriend or girlfriend should be your number one cheerleader!

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