7 Types Of Men Who Will Never Marry You

5. The man who doesn’t invite you out

If a guy believes you’ll be in his life long enough to marry, he’ll be eager to show you off to the rest of the world, including his friends and family. Wanting your own space is fine, but if he avoids introducing you or taking you out to parties, it means he’s hiding you, and you deserve better. Cheating or simply wanting to hang out with his bros without you all the time is not a good sign.

6. The workaholic

Being passionate about your job isn’t a bad thing, but when you prioritize it over everything else in your life, especially a relationship, that hardworking attitude can turn obsessive. If bae is constantly thinking about his career and is constantly on his phone or computer working, he is probably more invested in his career than in a future with you.

7. Mama’s boy

We all love our mothers, so treating her is obviously important. However, if his relationship with you is beginning to suffer as a result of his mother’s boy mentality, this is a red flag. Especially if he goes to her first for almost everything. If you date a man who has an unhealthy relationship with his mother and is a pushover with her, he will always choose her over you.


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