7 gifts guys love for Valentine


Valentine’s day is here again. Looking for gifts your guy would like?

It isn’t all about giving a guy the most expensive gift but little in the best way you can.

Here are some things you should surprise a guy with on Valentine’s day.


1. Wristwatch: You can never go wrong with wristwatches. A nice wristwatch as a gift on Valentine’s Day for your beau can make all the difference.

2. Designers boot: Every once in a while guys always wear something that goes with a designer’s boot. Getting this as a gift for him can get you guys a little closer than you guys are now.

3. Belt: Every guy wears a belt. Thinking of what to get him this Valentine? Get a nice belt. He’ll appreciate it.


4. Boxers: It is often said that boxers are cheap gifts but the truth is every guy needs one. So go ahead and get him one if that’s really what you can afford.

5. T. shirts: A nice T. Shirt wouldn’t be a bad idea for a gift this Valentine. Is your man a fan of T. Shirts? Why not add one more to his collection.

6. Wallet: Wallets are valuable. Getting him one shows you’re a deep thinker. And will he appreciate it? Yes is the answer.

7. Valentine’s card: Though a little old fashioned in this part of the world but a few nice words in a card is an excellent way to show your man you love him.