6 things to Avoid Doing on an Empty Stomach



We often make the mistake of carrying out some activities with nearly no food in our stomach Doctors and scientists have said that this is unhealthy and may have damning results on our body in the long run.



Some things to avoid doing on an empty stomach are:



1. Workout:
This is to debunk the rumour that training on an empty stomach burns more fat. It does not. There is nothing linking it to fat burn. It does, however cause muscle loss. Training on an empty stomach can also reduce the intensity of your training, making you to burn less fat than if you had a little something to eat. However, if you insist on fasted training, switch your routines to aerobic exercises. Remember, engaging in exercises causes the release of more gastric acid, which can be harmful. If you have any gastric issues, take a little food before you start your exercise.




2. Sleep:
Low glucose level and hunger makes it harder to fall asleep. It also causes superficial sleep and early waking up. It is like a feedback reaction, because lack of sleep also increases hunger hormones. This is why we tend to eat more breakfast when we skip dinner. However, it is not healthy to eat too much before sleeping or to sleep with a heavy stomach. To be on a safe side, drink some warm milk. It contains magnesium and calcium that ensures a sound sleep.




3. Dieting:
It may sound crazy but when dieting, starving yourself actually has an opposite negative effect. Instead, eat small healthy snacks at regular intervals.




4. Studying:
Be sure to be well fed before making any attempt to study. Lack of food and energy causes you to be fatigued easily and makes it harder to perform active reading or learning. After a while, your mind may begin to drift and you will end up not really learning much. Same goes for taking any tests or exams. But be careful to not over eat either as it may cause you to sleep off or make you unwell if coupled with nervousness and fear.




5. Manual labour:
Working on an empty stomach leaves you with little energy and you feel fatigued easily. It could also increase your stress level. Fatigue while working could also cause accidents, both minor and fatal ones. Try to grab a healthy breakfast before doing any work.




6. Alcohol:
Drinking on an empty stomach can hit you right up and make you high. Which will ruin your system and leave you intensely craving for food? It might also cause a bad hang over or even upset your system and make you want to puke. So before you celebrate make sure your stomach is at least half filled. It’s better that way and helps your morning crisis to some point.