5 Things you may not want to share with your girlfriend


Guys be wise: Things you should not share with your girlfriend

Most girls will like to know all about there boyfriend which is legal but not logical, there are some things the guy is not supposed to reveal to the girl to stay and remain in charge of the relationship.





These things are as follows:

1. How much you have in your account: Most girls would like to know the exact amount in the guys account maybe this is to know if the guy can provide all they need, what if the guy is not financially stable, What will she do?. But if she has no idea about the amount in the account, she will always be loyal to the boy believing the guy has all it takes even when he is broke.




2. Tell her who your ur ex are: girls always will want to protect there relationship by doing all it takes, when ever they know the ex- girlfriend is around they will monitor all the move the guy makes. Some girls can be really jealous and might do something stupid.



3. Give her Access to your social media accounts: most girls don’t really trust there guys and would like to be on the check for anything contrary. The social media accounts will be their first target.



4. Don’t tell the your weakness:
Every lady Will like to know the weakness of their spouse, but the fact is if you reveal it to them they will use it against you when ever they want.



5. Don’t tell her you have been with more better girls:
As funny as it may sound, girls are really sensitive with such words, “Of all the girls I’ve dated seriously, not one has ranked in the top five I’ve been with. Still waiting to meet a sweetheart who’s wife material.”