5 things the Presidency and APC said in defense of Buhari’s ill knowledge of IGP Idris’ whereabouts


Shortly after herdsmen killed 72 people in Benue in January, President Buhari ordered IGP to relocate to Benue to calm the situation down and bring the culprits to book.

But the IGP was said to have spent less than a day in the state before moving to Nasarawa.

During a visit to Benue on Monday, March 12, 2018 the President said he was unaware the IGP failed to heed his order. 


Here are 5 things Presidential spokesman Femi Adesina and APC spokesman Bolaji Abdullahi said in defense of President Buhari’s ill knowledge of IGP Idris’ whereabouts.

1. It’s all an allegation that the IGP left Benue after spending just one day

Femi Adesina said it’s an allegation that the Inpector General of Police didnt do the job he was sent to do i Benue.

“They were in the realm of allegations until the key stakeholders mentioned it yesterday. They were just allegations as far as I’m concerned,” he said on a Channels Television programme, Sunrise Daily, on Tuesday.

“Even now, they are still in the realm of allegations until we hear from the IGP.”

2. Nobody knows whether or not the IGP actually spent a night in Benue

Nobody knows whether the IGP even went to Benue State or not.

“It’s in the public domain that he went from Benue to Nasarawa but nobody knew that he did not spend a night in Benue.

“I’m aware of it but I did not know the length of time he stayed in Benue before moving to Nasarawa.

3. President Buhari does not necessarily get reports when he sends out assignments

“The president may not know everything. He didn’t know that the IGP allegedly left Benue after one day but he got to know yesterday. So there are some things you can’t hide forever. So yes, the president may not know everything.”

 4. President Buhari is sincere for saying he does’nt know about IGP’s whereabouts


APC spokesman Abdullahi said, “What the President said with regard to the IG shows the level of sincerity of Mr. President.

“It takes a very honest and courageous man to say what the President said and I am sure the President is ready to deal with the situation arising from that.

5. The opposition is wrong for criticising Buhari on this issue

“If the opposition see things differently you can’t blame them. They are looking for anything, just anything to bounce back to relevance but Nigerians are wiser.”