3 things we learned from Miracle’s post about having an “imaginary relationship” with Nina


Yesterday, 3rd August, 2018, Miracle Igbokwe made a post on his Instagram page to address the “Imaginary relatioonship” he has with Nina. In that post he called for respect for Nina citing that he has sisters and a mother. He also said he is for equal opportunity for women.

Then the bomb. He denied being in love with Nina or dating her and called their relationship “imaginary”.

As expected fans of both Nina and Miracle have been saying all sorts on social media, with many stating that what they had together both in and outside the BBNaija house can never be imaginary.


“The sex was an imaginary relationship.
The kisses in the house was imaginary.
Nina littering her Instagram with their TOGETHER PICTURES was imaginary.
Nina dumping Collins (her bf before BBNaija) was also imaginary.
And Nina following him up and down on tours after the BBNaija show was also imaginary.”,
one fan said.

Right now, Nina has deleted all her Instagram pictures of him from her account.

In all these, we can learn a few things

1. BBNaija relationships are very unreal. It ends with the show.

2. There is no polite way to break up with someone that still wants you.

3. Sex partnership is different from romantic relationship. If you mistake both of them, it will lead you to SITUATIONSHIPS like this.