3 mistakes Nigerian upcoming artistes always make


If you’re in Nigeria and happens to have an upcoming musician as friend, you’d feel sorry for them because they have such big dreams but have little or no idea how to make it happen. It is common with upcoming arts in Nigeria. They make the same mistakes over and over again.

Here are three mistakes upcoming Nigerian artistes always make and how they can avoid them.

1. They drop an album immediately.

They want to introduce themselves in the music industry so they feel dropping an album will help them achieve that. Well that is not true. As an upcoming artiste, two or three singles is definitely better than a full body of work – an album. The time, energy and resources put into an album, if put into two or three singles, will achieve greater results.

It worked for Kiss Daniel, who teased Nigerians with well prepared singles “Woju” and “Laye” before coming out with an album. An album is always the target, but as an upcoming musician, two or three singles well invested in will definitely do the magic.

2. They work with poor producers

Except just a few like Davido who have rich fathers to support them, upcoming artistes lack funds. Because of that they resort to poor producers who go on to poorly produce their songs. Getting a good producer to put in great work for your song is a win in itself. Not only will the artiste benefit from the good production, he will also learn first hand from an industry insider, a producer who has worked with great and established musicians in the industry.

3. They don’t promote their songs.

In the music industry, promotion is key. If people are going to like your music, they have to hear it and know about it first. If you don’t promote, there’s no way that’s going to happen. Radio, TV, blogs and streaming websites are great ways to do this. Sometimes a not so good song begins to trend because of how massively it was promoted. Of course there’s a difference between promoting a good song and a bad song. No matter how massively you promote a bad song, people are less likely to buy into it. It is simply a bad song. So first, make sure you have a good song, then with adequate promotions, it will be over the top.


Those are three mistakes Nigerian upcoming artistes always make and how they can avoid them.