Many guys crush on a lady but don’t know how to approach her and can’t seems to get the perfect opportunity they need to talk to her, even when they get the opportunity they run out of words and end up screwing up everything.





Probably when are one on one with the girl, that is when they know they want to check their mail, SMS their pal, or look for something or anything to do with the phone.




Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat. Adolf Hitler.
The only way to get on top of game is by playing in your comfort zone, in your world in your territory.



I want to suggest a perfect place to woo her comfortably with all the idea you can ever need.
The social media is a perfect place to meet her and chat her up conveniently, in the social media you won’t be seeing her, so you won’t care about her facial expressions and how good you look talking to her and even won’t run out of ideas on what to chat about with her




Because you can always ask friends around you and even Google some interesting chat topic to keep the chat chat rolling.

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