23 Romantic Names to call your lover



Sweet name calling by couple have been in existence for a long time and still is. Some are complementary, some are a bit silly while some are just plain. It is left for you to pick the one that works for you and your partner.





Sweet name calling other than the original names can move the love memories to the next level, it keeps the couple smilling each and everytime they remember the name. Surely it will keep ringing in their hearts.



Sweet romantic Nick names that won’t go wrong:

1. Wuggle Bear.


2. Wookie.


3. Woobie.


4. Teddy Bear.


5. Sweety Cakes.


6. Sweet Tart.


7. Sweet Cheeks.


8. Sunshine.


9. Sugarplum.


10. Sugar Lips.


11. Sparky Star.


12. Snuggle Bunny.


13. Snookie.


14. Punkin.


15. Passion Fruit.


16. Precious Princess.


17. My Buttercup.


18. Mi Amor.


19. Lovey Dovey.


20. Lover Bunny


21. Lollipop


22. Little Kinky


23. Hottie