Runtown is our new cool kid on the block, serving us some athleisure slay


Wearing joggers and sneaks outside of the gym all in the name of athleisure is a huge fear and RUNTOWN whose real name is Douglas Jack Agu, makes it seem so easy.

RUNTOWN is one name that rings a bell in the Nigerian Music Industry. He parades himself as the Soundgod is one of the finest artistes that has ever come out of Nigeria.

Ably recognized as a top rated artiste, It is safe to say that RUNTOWN is indeed doing well for himself. However RUNTOWN isn’t just doing reasonably well in the art of music, it’s obvious that he is also vast in the knowledge of fashion going by his pictures on Instagram.

Unarguably, RUNTOWN is a man of class, poise and high taste in fashion steadily making us drool over his personal style one outfit at a time. RUNTOWN’s personal style is mainly centered on athleisure trend, with sneakers, facecaps, sunglasses making the list.

RUNTOWN is definitely the new kid on the block pulling off such looks with no hassle and at the same time making us feel like he and athleisure trend were made for each other.

His mastery of fashion is second to none and could make other guys envious of his looks. Not too many men dress this hot and so it’s only right to applaud a man like RUNTOWN for bringing his A game to fashion