15 ways to tell if your partner is cheating without proof

4. They buy sexy lingerie… but you don’t have a sexy time!

Your bedroom has been silent for some time. But what exactly is this? They’re buying a ton of sexy lingerie!
You might anticipate a renaissance in your sexual life soon. Nonetheless, nothing of the sort occurs.
Sure, you see them in their new lingerie. Maybe even flaunting it around the apartment like it’s nothing. But when you ask for a fight in the sheets, they keep turning you down.

When you inquire about the lingerie, they will respond calmly, “what? “Can I no longer wear something sexy?”

5. They suddenly become mysterious.

They were once an open book.

Because of how freely they used to share their thoughts and feelings with you, you used to know exactly what was going through their heads and what was going through their hearts.

You used to think it was both annoying and endearing.

But now you hear nothing but the mundane from them. Things like “we ran out of soap!” are completely unnecessary. Alternatively, “the toothpaste fell down the toilet!”

They no longer complain about their coworkers, they no longer discuss how they spend their spare time at work, and they no longer express their true feelings about your relationship.

It’s as if they’ve suddenly gone back into their shell.

This is a sign that someone is attempting to deceive you because they have created a world without you. Perhaps they spent their free time flirting with the other person and have nothing else to share with you as a result.

6. They’re not mad at you anymore—at all.

When you failed to pay the bills on time, your partner became enraged. They don’t give a flying F if the phone bill has been sitting unpaid for two months.

What is causing this?
There could be a number of reasons for this.
The first is that they are guilty. They realize there’s no reason for them to be so self-conscious when they’re kissing someone else, after all. What is that in comparison to a late bill?

Another thing is that they are beginning to drift away from you. They see no point in attempting to “fix” you and your ways because they intend to break up with you anyway.

Pay close attention if you notice that your partner is now oh-so-chill about things that used to drive them insane. They are most likely invested in someone else.

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