10 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

7. How well do you travel together?

This is a great indicator of whether or not you’re ready to live together. Consider a weekend trip or short vacation if you haven’t traveled together before. It’s a good sign that you can cohabitate if you can get through scenarios like plane delays or roughing it in the wilderness without freaking out at each other. However, if sharing close quarters has proven to be difficult or frustrating, you may want to reconsider cohabitation.

8. How well do you communicate?

Nobody wants to deal with conflict, but it’s an unfortunate reality that everyone must deal with. Rather than sweeping things under the rug, can you face them head on and have healthy conversations with your partner? Communicating and having these difficult conversations are essential in any relationship, especially if you live together. If you can’t solve problems when you live apart, things will become very stressful when you become roommates.

9. How much do minor annoyances bother you?

Every couple has things that irritate them about the other person. After all, even if your bae is your soulmate, you can’t love everything about them. However, the question to ask yourself is how much they irritate you. If the way they leave their clothes, sneeze, or chew their food is simply intolerable to you, it won’t get any better if the two of you live together.

10. Will you have enough space to live comfortably?

Perhaps one of you requires so much alone time that you require something like an office or second bedroom to get the space you require. Perhaps you’re used to sharing a small space with multiple roommates and don’t require much personal space. All of this will influence the size and layout of the space you rent or buy.

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