10 Things to Consider Before Moving In Together

4. What is the household’s pet policy?

Discuss who will pay for medical bills and pet care if one of you already has a pet. Do you intend to bring a pet into the house? If this is the case, they must spend time together beforehand to ensure that they will get along when sharing space. It’s also important to establish ground rules, such as whether pets are permitted on counters, couches, or the bed.

5. Do you think you have a future with this person?

This will also help you decide whether to rent or buy. Do you see yourself marrying this person, or at the very least entering into a long-term relationship with them? In other words, what is the end goal? Marriage does not have to be the goal, but the two of you should discuss it openly — even if the reason is simply to save money on rent, enjoy your bae’s company, and see where things go.

6. What is the guest policy?

Does your partner require advance notice if guests come over? How often are visitors permitted to visit, and do they need to remove their shoes? Furthermore, if one partner sleeps early, there may need to be a time limit for having people over. Knowing these ahead of time will save you a lot of trouble. Particularly if you don’t get along with your partner’s friends.

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