10 Strategies for Handling a Jealous Boyfriend

6. Set boundaries

Ground rules, also known as boundaries, are essential in any relationship. You and your partner can establish these ground rules early on to avoid pressing each other’s buttons. It’s also an important way to establish respect between the two of you and shows that you genuinely care about each other. If you can respect his boundaries while being jealous, it should be a two-way street when it comes to any of his problematic behavior.

Young couple using smartphones at home. Jealous boyfriend spying his girlfriend’s phone.

7. Compliment him and demonstrate his worth to him.

Because a jealous man is often insecure, showing him what you like about him can help to solve the problem. Hearing compliments and seeing the good qualities in him will help him see them in himself. With a new sense of self-assurance, he may feel less threatened and become less jealous over time.

8. Remind him that you are not his ex-girlfriend.

Jealousy frequently occurs when someone is triggered by a past event. If he is afraid of you cheating on him or lying, it could be because she has previously cheated on him and is reliving that relationship. You can always reassure him that the present is not the past and that you are not his ex-girlfriend.

9. Avoid playing games.

Although you may believe that you are not to blame for this problem (and you may be correct), consider the following questions: Do you flirt with other men? Have you ever tried to make him jealous by complimenting or checking out other guys while your man is present? Do you constantly bring up your ex?

10.  A final resort: try reverse psychology

If you’ve tried everything above and still can’t get him to see your point of view, consider flipping the script on him. React in the same way he does when his jealousy arises. Essentially, roleplay as him. If he appears bothered, tell him that you are bothered when he behaves similarly. Perhaps this will help him see his irrational behavior outside of his own perspective.



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