Victor Moses Denies Claim of Unpatriotism to the National Team.


Super Eagles Player, Victor Moses have come out to clear the waves about his non commitment to the eagles and how he avoids playing away games through faking injury.

The Chelsea Star said he is always ready and happy to play for the Eagles if fit to play and has never lied about his fitness to dogde international team matches.

In an interview conducted yesterday after Chelsea’s Champions League Victory over Qurabag, he said, “ Yes, everyone says that I select games. I have heard it myself, ”.


“ But it is what it is. I never run away from challenges. I love to play football, why would I run away from playing football ? That is what we are meant to do .

“ But people keep saying that I choose games for Nigeria… But I need to clear the air now, that is not true.

“ If I have got an injury, I have got an injury . Whenever I want to play for Nigeria, I must be 100 per cent, I want to give everything. But if I have got an injury , I don ’t want to force myself because I am going to look stupid on the pitch .”