Three reasons why you should own a fanny pack

fanny pack

If you really do not know a thing or two about fashion, you might not know anything about fanny pack. On the other hand if you follow fashion trends, apparently you know that the fanny pack is back like never before.

This hands free bag worn like a belt is everyone’s favourite this season, it’s therefore suffice to say that this trend is going no where. Special thanks to designers like GUCCI, CHANEL and ALEXANDER WANG for incorporating these into axis into their collection, giving us one more reason to love this trend.

This waist bag like some people would call it was long associated with tourists and embarrassing dads but the good news is that everyone seems to have fallen head over heels in with this trend as celebrities, stylebloggers and fashion designers can never get enough of it.


If you are not set out on the fanny pack trend, then this reasons would make you hop on board.

It’s hands free: Fanny packs are characterized by one feature. They are hands free, that means it need not to be carried by your hands. You can either take it round your waist or over your shoulders. This makes the flow of movement easy and makes you use your hands for other things.

It cannot get stolen or snatched: unlike other bags, the fanny pack cannot get snactched or stolen as any person that tries to steal it would have to carry you along. This is in fact way too impossible. Your bag is quite safe only when you are carrying a fanny pack.

They are comfortable and light weight: Fanny packs are quite small, comfortable and light weight. It’s made in a way that you can carry little or nothing in it. And so if you are all about comfort and walking lightly, then you should invest in this piece.
fanny pack
fanny pack
fanny pack

fanny pack