The ridiculousness of pre-election gestures by Nigerian politicians


    Hello people!

    Reno Omokri, a man i have so much respect and regards for, uploaded this picture on facebook few days ago. In his write-up, he called the Atikulating Atiku a strong man, who is physically fit to take Nigeria to the next level. He went on to call him a man with a broad chest ?, who accommodates people from all ethnic groups.

    Fellow Nigerians, do you see how the trend is moving?. Gym houses, corn festivals, eating in public, jumping of bikes and KekeNaPep are now used to know the fit and humane.


    This is quit ridiculous. If these are the determinants of a strong, kindhearted and broad hearted leadership, then i think the youths will do it better.

    However, it is so painful.
    Where i am coming from, the youths are not ready to take their country back and determine their destinies. They always wait for peanuts and crumbs at the eve of election seasons.

    Atiku is strong. He is fit. Stronger than Usain Bolt. Don’t say, i said otherwise.

    – Alvan Chinaka