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Thursday, June 21, 2018
RANKED: Countries that lack confidence in Trump

RANKED: Countries that lack confidence in Trump


Seven months into his first term, President Donald Trump has received less-than-favorable reviews on his job performance from critics and some of his supporters.

Trump has faced mounting pressure of late, particularly for his response to a series of national issues in the past four weeks. But the recent decline in Trump’s poll numbersmay not merely be a reflection of the sentiment in the US.

A Pew Research Center poll intended to measure global sentiment about Trump’s leadership indicates people in a host of countries view the Trump presidency unfavorably.


The poll, which asked respondents how much confidence they had in Trump “do the right thing regarding world affairs,” shows the percentage who answered “not too much confidence” and “no confidence at all.”

The Pew poll revealed a stark contrastbetween reviews of President Barack Obama’s policies and those of Trump’s: 45% of respondents from Mexico said they had little to no confidence in Obama in 2015. In 2017, 93% of them said the same for Trump.

Meanwhile, 86% of Russian respondents said they had little to no confidence for Obama in 2015, the highest percentage of that year. Under the Trump administration in 2017, that number dropped to 35%.