Rafael Nadal’s Tennis achievement in a bit.


The Veteran Tennis Star could wrap up a 16th Grand Slam title on Monday and Navicorp takes a look at the achievement of the top seeded player.

The 31-year-old won a 10th French Open in June and was runner-up to Roger Federer at the Australian Open in January, is the overwhelming favourite.

He is the world number one playing in his 23rd Slam final and who won his first major as a 19-year-old at the sixth attempt.


Anderson, two weeks older, is playing in his first final at the Slams after a career stretching 32 majors.

Nadal’s 73 career titles also dwarf Anderson’s modest three. But the Spaniard is wary of the challenge posed by 6ft 8in (2.02m) Anderson’s deadly serve.