Nollywood Actress ‘Eucharia Anunobi speaks on One Year anniversary of Sonā€™s PassingšŸ˜¢


Itā€™s been one yearĀ since veteran Nollywood actressĀ Eucharia AnunobiĀ lost her sonĀ RaymondĀ at the age of 15.

The actress held aĀ one-year memorial serviceand thanksgiving in honor of her son, with friends and family in attendance.

She also spoke toĀ PunchĀ about life after the death of her son, revealing that she still misses him so much.


It is not possible to overcome the trauma of losing an only child; it is a scar that will always be there. I donā€™t even know if I have the strength. People only tell me that I have the strength but all I know is that I am very fragile and weak. Forget the powder and lipstick, it is just a cover-up; itā€™s been days and nights of tears

In the fullness of time, I will adopt a child in Godā€™s time; although, I still have people that stay with me that Iā€™ve been taking care of, even before he died.

I still miss him so much, especially when I have to drive home and I remember that heā€™s no more; he used to give me a warm welcome anytime I got home. I never nursed any fear when he was born. I need to correct a misconception. He didnā€™t die because he had sickle-cell anaemia, he died because the doctors made a mistake, but I donā€™t want to go into that right now.