Night travel experience in Nigeria



Nigeria night travel has been a dread with all the things been read on the news about the bad things that have been happening during night travel leaving the people with the mind set of not traveling at night.


While a good number of people are queuing to get their tickets from the front desk, others are sorting their luggage and presenting their tickets for inspection as they set to board the bus.



Necessity is said to be the mother of invention. Many night travelers have had to embark on such journeys because of the need to keep some urgent appointment. For others, it is an easier alternative for road travels. It promises an escape from the stress of day time traveling, especially for destinations like Lagos -Abuja or other popular routes which may take too many kilometers to cover.



While many will describe traveling at night as fun owing to some whimsical exciting adventure of sorts, others have had gory tales to deter them from night traveling save for the need to keep an urgent appointment or execute an assignment.



Night travel is not a bad idea though. when we stay negative we don’t always expect any good to come out of it, however, to can enjoy the journey one needs to have a positive mindset. So stay positive and enjoy the journey, it gives travelers the chance to meet new people, get new experience and meet up to early morning appointments.