Nigeria has internet users of a size bigger than Ghana, Senegal and Kenya


    The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that the population of Nigerian internet users has increased by 1.4 million new users between April and May 2017.

    The telecommunication industry regulator stated that the CDMA retained its 30,309 internet subscribers within the month, with the noted increase in internet users coming from the GSM category.

    Internet users on the GSM category increased from 90,124,428 April to 91,565,010 in May, 2017. With this, Nigeria internet users’ population of 91.6 million is bigger than population of Kenya (45,533,000), Ghana (27,414,000) and Senegal (14,150,000).

    According to NCC statistics report, MTN Nigeria had the highest number of internet subscribers with 31.4 million subscribers. The network also had a month-on-month increase of 600,464 internet subscribers in May 2017.

    Snapshot internet and mobile penetration statistics of Nigeria play Snapshot internet and mobile penetration statistics of Nigeria

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    A figure larger than total internet users in South Africa (28,580,290 Internet users as at June/2016).

    Globacom had 27.4 million, Airtel 19.9 million and the Etisalat, now 9Mobile recorded 12.8 million.

    High internet penetration is fast transforming business operation and competition in Nigeria. This development has shifted the business and corporate competition landscape in Nigeria to be online and globally focused.

    Also, there is a quick Internet adoption in the acquisition of new skills and develop new business models to compete with peers in the business environment. This led to a high acceptance rate of many of the tech-based companies in Nigeria.

    In Africa, Kenya has the best in Africa with 81.8% and has achieved more towards driving economic growth and welfare of her populace.