It all depends on you


Your big dream, mighty goals, streamlined vision, no matter how lofty the seem all depends on you. Yes, that imagination of having a beautiful career, blissful marriage, best job does depend on you not any body, country, village or background.
It all depends on your choice- what you intend to do, will do and not do, forms how well you play your card and would be a determiner as to whether you will be an achiever of those intent or not.
So never let emotions clog your decision, be it letting go certain friendship and unions, hurting families especially when an imposition of career and lifestyle is being enforced on you, kowtowing to uncles and close relatives for some morsel of pottage void of integrity. You should rather anchor your choices on happiness, enthusiasm, passion and love so as to smile and know you made the right call, gave your best shot and definitely would be proud of your choice.
Your decision today makes you tomorrow. Take the lead in your life and make out something remarkable, forget where you came from, your background, financial status and position, get dogged and diligent and life would reward your effort. Most times the choice to stop some habits remain the greatest challenge we meet. To stop our self from the temptation of getting drunk and channel that money and energy into a worthwhile venture, the decision of making a reduction in social site entanglement and diversification of such time into thinking about our future and more pressing engagement.
Secondly is the decision to eliminate dependency mentally, a shift in paradigm and mental structure is imminent, most youth are overgrown babies and becoming a burden to their innocent parent, waiting for their parent to baby nurse them all their lives. They never pick up challenge or think about a future outside their family house and more often than not these are same persons who quibble and complain about everything yet have no intention of effecting the change they so desire. Dependency is an ailment and need to be treated cautiously, its panacea been a change in believe and mental laziness.
Furthermore, developing a clear road map would guide and goad you into making a better and more refined choice, creating a template for your life, that blue print that would tell you when you’ve attained your desired goal. Prudence and wisdom is key in making such feat hold and firm.
The choice of not quitting when you hit the mountain of challenge would be the most needful, the quagmire is usually a point of delay and the navel pointer showing whether the journey has come to an end or just begun. It’s often said “after the darkest hour comes the dawn” that point where you think leads no further, or is a blockage often requires few steps and determination to get to your crown. It may require a giant leap of faith. Train your mind on not giving up- on never quitting nor turning back, it’s a choice what embracing. Forward ever.
Arrogate time to acquire knowledge, never opt to remain a stooge and flunky when you might as well lead due to your lack of knowledge. Knowledge is power and paramount in this age and dispensation. Get knowledge, though it cost you time and resources at the long run its benefit is enormous and well packaged. Go for knowledge in the area of desired endeavour, and career, it helps you in making a right decision that is substantial and full of insight.
The need to become resolute, and careful when adopting opinion and advice from people is another choice that must be well undertaking. Know when to draw the line of letting other people’s opinion drown your own sense of decision. No matter how bad you think your decision may be consistent drilling would see you refined until you grow to maturity.
Normally choices could either break through or fail through. Though it pains to have called the wrong shot, but that exactly why choices are flexible. Get back to the drawing board, locate the locus of mistake and get back on track, that’s building muscles and soon after, the frequency of making wrong choices would come to halt. Bitter experiences often make astute men.
Finally, the choice of believing in one’s self cannot be over emphasise, many suffer from complexes so acute as to defame, debase and condescend their selves below what they ought to be. Who do you expect to believe you when you don’t believe in yourself. People would only see and address you through the lens you toss to them. So put on that confidence, and walk through life with a stalwart pose knowing too well that you have an equal chance like everyone else to make a mark, create that difference- an impact. Live your print on the sand of time, it all depends on you, it all start with that choice, so call it and do that today.