How to style monochrome


From the word ‘ mono’ which means one and the word ‘chromatic’ which is actually derived from ‘chrome’ which means one colour, apparently monochrome or monochromatic as the case may be means one colour outfit.

In other fashion terms, monochromatic dressing means wearing different shades and textures within the same colour tone. It can appear boring and too matchy-matchy. It’s no doubt that it’s the easiest trend to pull off.

Now some people might say ‘ Why would I have to wear just one colour all through’. We actually do wear just one colour outfit without knowing. Other times when we plan on going for such outfits, we actually don’t do it right.


For this post, I’ll be showing us how to have a well put together monochrome outfit.

1. Opt for the different textures: If you really want to look beautiful in monochrome outfits, the best bet is to work with different textures of fabric like if you are going for a cotton top you could layer it with a cashmere cardigan over a denim jean all in varying shades of a particular colour.

2. Go for white and black: Although monochrome goes far beyond white and black but this does not negate the fact that white and black isn’t monochrome and so if you don’t get the different textures look then you can go for a white and black look.

Take a cue from these pictures