Bisola showed promise, more promise and a lot more promise in new project “The Playlist


On Saturday, March 10, 2018 Bisola released a 6-track body of work which she calls “The Playlist’. That project deserves the name it was given. Bisola has proven overtime that she is an embodiment of various talents, a bundle of talents that never gets tired of working. This can be seen in her works in the Nigeria movie industry even before she went to the Big Brother Naija House in 2017. Leaving the house as first runner up, Bisola went on to sign to Temple Music, a talent management company with hopes of setting her music dreams on the right path. And that she did on ‘The Playlist”.

This body of work comprises of 6 tracks, namely, Boda Luku, Luchia, Heart Broken, Mercy, Turn off the lights and Water and Fire.


Listening through, Bisola shows a deep understanding of the afrobeats sound, and translates this deep understanding in tracks like “Boda Luku” and “Water and Fire”. With carefully selected beats, she carries her listeners through series of tales and tunes, maintaining fusion, layering her sleek voice on the mid-tempo afrobeat sounds.

In “Luchia” and “Turn off the lights’, Bisola explores the possibilities in trap music and effectively converts it to relatable Afropop reality. You could almost be tricked into thinking its trap but its not.

And in “Mercy” and “Heart Broken”, she somewhat lets you in in what seems like her own version of good music. Something like her own personal trademark. An understanding of why she’s doing music. Every good musician has this.

It’s all good music for Bisola on “The Playlist” and like the name suggests, Bisola’s first music project is a collection of songs you’d love to listen to over and over again. She showed a lot of promise in this and now we’re all waiting and hoping that she continues on this trajectory.