6 Easy ways to get rid of Bedbugs


A bed bug infestation is not easy to deal with as often, when we feel we are completely rid of them, they come right back. Many DIY bed bug control measures cannot get rid of bed bug eggs and larvae. Furthermore, bed bugs can live for very long periods of time without a blood meal. So they might continue hiding in cracks and crevices only to return when you are least expecting them.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs


1. Use Non-Toxic Bed Bug Spray
Get a non-toxic bed bug spray, such as the Harris Natural Bed Bug Killer . These sprays are made from plant-based active ingredients and can be applied directly onto your mattress and other bed-bug infested areas.




2. Seal with a Mattress Cover
Seal your mattress with a mattress cover. The bed bugs living in the mattress will eventually die. Treat your mattress first before it is encased.



3. Get rid of infested items
In many cases, it is not possible to salvage the infested items as cleaning and disinfecting is inadequate. Box springs especially tend to get heavily infested and cannot be covered or treated. So, use a plastic sheet to discard them and label them as ‘infested with bed bugs’. This way, unsuspecting people will not pick them up.




4. Clean and disinfect your home
Noteworthy point here is: bed bugs can be found even in the cleanest of homes or five star hotels. So, while cleanliness is important, you must also use other methods of getting rid of the bugs. However, cleaning and de-cluttering a home is essential so that there is little place for the pests to hide.



5. Launder bed clothes and linen
Wash all items showing signs of bed bug activity (blood stains, discarded exoskeletons, fecal matter) including bed sheets, curtains and other household linen. Use the highest setting of heat on the dryer for at least 20 minutes. This is a surefire way of getting rid of bed bug eggs and larvae.



6. Check and recheck for bed bugs
Even though one of these ways to get rid of bed bugs have worked for you, you must still continue to check for signs of bed bugs in places such as behind picture frames, inside books, magazines and papers, on the floor, in the mattress corners, box springs etc. for weeks following the treatment. If need be, professionals must be called in again to inspect and retreat the home.