5 Stunning places for holiday without Visa for Nigerians



Forget those endless stress at the embassy trying to get a visa. There are amazing places you can have the most fun without applying for a Visa in Nigeria.



Feel the natural beauty, breathtaking and indulge in amazing memorable exciting activities.



1. Zanzibar
Zanzibar is amazingly beautiful, full of scenic beaches and luxury resorts. It also offers a wide variety of adventure and exciting activities.
For those who want to enjoy their holiday in the natural scenery of forests and beautiful coastline, Zanzibar is the perfect destination for you. Nigerians can visit Zanzibar for 90 days; visa can be acquired on arrival at the point of entry.



2. Mombasa
Mombasa is another idyllic holiday destination for Nigerians looking for a great escape.
Mombasa can really be mesmerizing, you will feel like you are in Hawaii or Bahamas, the destination offers an unforgettable vacation for families, lovers or honeymooners. Nigerians can visit Mombasa for 90 days; visa can be acquired on arrival at the point of entry.




3. Ghana
Ghana is a beautiful destination with magnificent beauty, perfect for a luxurious vacation. The city offers visitors so many things to see. Nigerians do not require a visa to visit or stay in Accra.



4. Comoros
Comoros Island is located off the coast of East Africa, Comoros is a small country island. It is not always populated, which makes it perfect for an exotic vacation. Nigerians are granted visa on arrival at the point of entry in Comoros.




5. Seychelles
No better way to spend your vacation than on an exotic island like Seychelles.
It offers visitors scenic beaches and delicious seafood. The destination is home to some of Africa’s best beaches and offers visitors opportunity to indulge in exciting water activities. Nigerians are granted visitor’s permit for 30 days in Seychelles.