5 reasons why your hands look old



When it comes to our faces, we won’t hesitate to dab, splash and massage on the finest lotions and potions in our skincare stash. But when it comes to our hands, we’re not quite as generous. But our hands go through a lot in our day-to-day lives, so it’s important to ensure they’re getting just as much care as the rest of the body.





1. Regular water contact.
Whether it’s washing the dishes, giving the little ones a bath or cleaning the house, our hands frequently come into contact with water, which can be a ‘stressor’ to the skin. Repeated water contact can strip lipids from the skin and damage our skin’s barrier function. This will increase invisible water evaporation from the skin and may lead to hands becoming dry. ‘Increased transepidermal water loss along with dryness in the skin will lead to micro-inflammation, which in turn contributes to premature skin ageing.





2. Not protecting our hands from the sun.
Now, we’re not saying you should walk around wearing gloves all year, but it’s just as important to protect your hands from the sun, as it is to shield your face and neck. First and one of the most important tips for beautiful hands is to carefully protect your hands from sun exposure. The biggest cause of ageing of the skin on your hands is the sun; it causes age-spots, it dries out your skin and it can bring on wrinkles. Don’t neglect your hands and forget to apply sunscreen to them and remember, when you wash your hands, you will need to top the sunscreen up again.




3. Using harsh soaps.
Along with excessive water, the type of soap you use has a big effect on the condition of your skin. ‘One of the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to hands is using a harsh soap when washing, which disrupts the skin’s pH. Although the chemicals in a soap are useful at cleaning the skin, they don’t do anything to protect it.




4. Tighten loose skin with massage.
A simple way to reduce the appearance of sagging skin on the hands is to give your hands a regular massage. Once a week, give your hands a good massage with some olive oil and it will increase the blood flow and help to tighten up the skin.




5. Clean up stained nails.
If your nails are looking stained, then you can quickly brighten them up with lemon juice. Rubbing a wedge of lemon across your nails will remove any discolouration. However, if the problem persists, you might need to see your doctor, as it could be being caused by a fungal infection that needs treatment.