3D version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Released in Vernice


The production and launch of the 3D version of “Thriller” in Vernice will give Michael Jackson’s fans a chance to see how the legend would have wanted the video to be according to Director John Landis.

The new version, produced 35 years after the original version was achieved using modern technology, a remixed sound and an enhanced visual.

“Michael and I always intended it to be seen in a cinema. When you watch in on YouTube, you don’t see how it is supposed to be. Now you can see the way Michael intended it to be,” Landis said.


“My only disappointment is that he is not here to see it because he’d love it!” He added.

Landis’s “An American Werewolf in London” was an inspiration for Jackson as he created Thriller, and he hired Landis in 1983 to direct the groundbreaking 14-minute video featuring the King of Pop as a monster.

The 14-minute werewolf-themed video is screening in Venice alongside a “making-of” video that was also made in 1983 but has never had a cinema release before.

Jackson died in 2009, aged 50.

Things were different when Landis worked on another Jackson video, Black and White, eight years later.

“On Thriller he was happy to let me do it, on Black and White I was working for Michael. He was much more guarded.” Landis said.

By this stage, Jackson had a claim to be considered the most famous man on the planet and Landis said that he didn’t envy the singer’s “bizarre” level of celebrity.

Landis added: “There was a childlike quality about Michael. He wasn’t childish. He never had a childhood and that is why he was so interested in pursuing one when he was grown up.”